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2020 Message from the Reeve

On behalf of Council, I bring greetings from each Councillor representing our home… Cardston County

I’d like to take this opportunity to provide a brief update on Council’s achievements, goals and future plans as we begin a new chapter looking forward to 2020.

With the release of the Provincial budget on Oct 24, Council has been reminded of the reality of the Province’s financial position, and the fiscal realities that govern our own decision making processes. Council is united, realizing that we have an obligation to reassess our local fiscal position, and to streamline and make more efficient the delivery of our own services. We acknowledge and appreciate the many hard working individuals employed at the County and all that they do. 

Council remains focused on our vision and mission statement to provide the citizens of Cardston County with essential infrastructure, while fostering a stable and reasonable taxation system. 

Cardston County has done extensive research exploring options in providing rate payers with access to potable water and better internet connectivity. As a result, the fruit of our efforts has now been realized with the construction of two regional water lines, and the construction of better internet connectivity in the western areas of the County. We have a goal to see the broadening of these types of services spread across the entire County, from north to south and east to west. Council is excited about expansion plans, but is also mindful of the financial commitment and funding needed to see these projects happen. We continue to seek outside funding sources to supplement our infrastructure goals. Council has been actively engaged in the lobby process, meeting individually with several Provincial Ministries, and has kept the discussions live and active. I believe it would be fair to say that Cardston County is one of the front runners pioneering the way of internet expansion across the Province.

It is easy to be excited about developments in water and internet, but we have not lost focus on our number one mandate to keep our grid work of roadways in top condition. The Police Lake Road upgrade is another example of keeping those priorities in perspective.  Thank you to our Public Works department for their work in making this happen. 

Council is united in our approach to development within the County by considering all stakeholders. We want to make Cardston County a favourable place for individuals and families to enjoy their property. We also want to foster a favourable place for business to thrive. Enhancing balanced growth ultimately benefits all County residents.

Cardston County is truly unique in its landscape, beauty and economy. Agricultural operations are the lifeline of our local economy. We are glad to see the continued success of producers in our area, and are grateful for all they contribute.

Council wishes to encourage everyone within the County to engage with us. We welcome your questions, comments and concerns. Please contact your local Councillor, or find time to attend our regular scheduled Council meetings each month. 

As we approach this Christmas season, we want to wish all of you a merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. We look forward to working with you in 2020 and hope it brings our County continued success.

Randy Bullock, B.Mgt. (Finance)
Reeve, Cardston County


Cardston County Key Contacts

Provincial Government

Alberta is divided into 87 constituencies–groups of voters in specific areas of the province. During a provincial election, the candidate in each constituency who wins the highest number of votes becomes the Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) for that constituency.

Joseph Schow is our representative in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta for the provincial riding of Cardston-Siksika.

      Contact:   (780) 638-1158 (Edmonton Office)
     (403) 653-5070 (Taber Office)

Federal Government

Representation in the House of Commons is based on geographical divisions known as electoral districts – currently 338. Canada's electoral system is referred to as a "single-member plurality" or "first-past-the-post" system.

Glen Motz is our representative in the House of Commons for most of the County in the federal riding of Medicine Hat - Cardston - Warner.

      Contact:  (403) 528-4698 (Medicine Hat Office)
     (403) 752-0330 (Raymond Office)
     Email     Twitter       Facebook

John Barlow is our representative in the House of Commons for the northwest corner of the County in the federal riding of Foothills.

     Contact:  (613)995-8471 (Ottawa Office)
     (403) 603-3665 (High River Office)
        Email     Twitter     Facebook