Planning Commission

The Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) is a committee comprised of the whole Council. The MPC is responsible for the review of subdivision and most discretionary development permit applications. At each MPC meeting, the County's Director of Planning Services and Senior Planner from Oldman River Regional Services Commission will give the background on any application to the committee and submit  recommendations based on the policies approved by County Council. Then the MPC will make a decision.

All MPC decisions must conform to the Municipal Development Plan and the Land Use Bylaw within the limits of discretion provided for in the bylaws and the Municipal Government Act. The MPC may approve a development application if the proposed development does not comply with the Land Use Bylaw provided the "use" conforms to the Land Use Bylaw and the development would not unduly interfere with the neighbourhood amenities or effect the use, enjoyment, or value of neighbouring properties.

The Municipal Planning Commission meetings are open to the public and typically occur on the 4th Monday of every month. Meeting minutes are available here.

Development and Subdivision Information

Municipal Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

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Intermunicipal Development Plans

Intermunicipal Development Plans (IMDPs) are statutory documents used to address planning issues between neighbouring municipalities. IMDPs promote consultation and coordination between municipalities in areas of joint interest, establish frameworks for addressing land use concerns, and create procedures for dealing with development proposals within a defined planning area.

Cardston County current has Intermunicipal Development Plans with the Town of Cardston, Town of Magrath, the County of Warner, and the M.D. of Willow Creek.

Town of Cardston IMDP (2007)

Town of Magrath IMDP (2011)

M.D. of Willow Creek IMDP (2015)

County of Warner IMDP (2015)